Trinity Designs has over 22 years in the development of websites, designing graphics and business solutions. The name Trinity Designs was born when the owner Aubrey Bisshopp’s daughter was born and her name is Trinity … welcome to Trinity Designs.

It all started in the United Kingdom,way back in 1999, working for Millennium Business Solutions as a web developer. From there we gained experience and grew into graphic designs and business solutions. From United Kingdom to Nigeria, from France to South Africa – we gained knowledge.

We brought this knowledge and experience into Trinity Designs enabling our customers to enjoy affordable pricing but with professional designs. We felt that in this global economy, there should be companies that lower the pricing structures without failing with service, quality and integrity … we think we have achieved this. Trinity Designs was born in 2007 … our future began.

Over the past five years, we have been on a learning curve to better the services and streamline the processes and with this in mind… we joined forces with like minded developers that can work from home and turned Trinity Designs into a global enterprise by tapping into each individuals strength at the point of contact. We are many, from marketers to back-end developers giving us a one-stop shop of talent.
Our vision and mission is sound. Our goals are always to provide a path for others to follow.

As it stands, our growth is aimed towards HELPING entrepreneurs, expanding SME’s businesses and glorifying God in everything.
Aubrey Bisshopp – Manager – Specialties: Front-End Development, Graphic Designs and Business Plan development
Caroline Groves – Sales, Marketing, Social Media marketing and SEO
Trinity Bisshopp – Video Editing and Graphic designs