Trinity Designs has over 20 years in the designing of websites and I.T fields.

Gaining experience in the United Kingdom in 1999, working for Millennium Business Solutions through to SA Surf and iSurf TV. From United Kingdom to Nigeria, from France to South Africa. From I.T to Internet Television, from prepaid internet to web design – we have gained knowledge. We conceptualized the concept of Pre-Paid Internet and launched this nationally in 2005 – yes, we have gained experience…

We brought this knowledge and experience into Trinity Designs enabling our customers to enjoy affordable pricing but with professional designs. We felt that in this economy, there should be companies that lower the pricing structures without failing with service, quality and integrity … we think we have achieved this. Trinity Designs was born in 2007 by Aubrey Bisshopp, our future began.

During the past five years, we have been on a learning curve to better the products and perfect the services and with this in mind… we forge on in this economic climate and we look forward to expanding our business … Our vision and mission is sound. Our goals are always to provide a path for others to follow.

Trinity Designs consists of a consortium of web developers and graphical designers. This way we can tap into any design requirement that is needed and enables us to keep the pricing down.

As it stands, our growth is aimed towards HELPING entrepreneurs, expanding businesses and glorifying God in everything.