Google Website Optimizer is an optimization tool that helps to increase visitor conversion rates by making your website more visible on the Google servers.
Your website has to earn its way up the organic rankings, unless you have SEO. You have to prove to Google that you offer value, that you are relevant and that the user will have a great experience when landing on your website. You need to regularly update your website, make sure to use proper Search Engine Optimization techniques, have good internal and external linking, grow a good inbound link profile and your website needs to be mobile friendly. Google has changed their ranking method to look at mobile first, desktop second. This means that a website that doesn’t work well on mobile devices will rank lower, even if using a desktop to search for it.

We are here to help … We can optimize your website through the search engines so that they recognize you. For as little as R250 once off, we can get Google to recognize your website quickly giving you the added advantage.
From here, you can either go the SEO route or (or both) the marketing route but you will need to make sure that your prospective clients know where to find you as it is like having a grand house and not telling anyone where you are. Sure, you will be in the telephone directory but so are millions of others … you need to stand out from the rest … and we can help you with this.

Speak to us so we can discuss the many options that we can offer you to stand out.