SEO is Search Engine Optimization

We start with running a comprehensive and detailed report incorporating the following:

  • keywords
  • backlinks
  • competitors – we find out what your competitors do online and get hold of their practical data
  • aggregation of content
  • website/url – other key info

We then utilize various software packages(6 in total) combined with manual capabilities to offer an incredible SEO ranking service. Each client gets about 6hrs to 8hrs of work per month.

We produce an internal marketing report that work work closely with

Some features of work we do:

  • 100% accurate keyword rank tracking 
  • SEO/PPC competitive research
  • Backlink checking and monitoring
  • KGR – keyword golden ratio – we calculate and action the best keywords for your business – we include proxies and ant-captcha system
  • we use SEO backlink software that builds niche backlinks in multiple tiers
  • building of quality backlinks to original content
  • we create links with purpose and direction
  • we use RSS masher technology
  • many other features

Clients will get results – rankings and leads/traffic which in turn will result in added sales/revenue.

Monthly detailed reports will be produced for the client.