You saw it here first … this is our concept to help our clients stand out more.

In these days, we have to find new and exciting ways to reach our prospective audience and what better way than to market with a short television advert style video that is created around your company, product, service or event. This is a new way to advertise and market in 2022 and beyond!

TriMarketing (sister company of Trinity Designs) introduces Short Promotion Video design for individuals or companies for any occasion whether it be promoting a company, product, a birthday invitation, wedding or anything your hearts desire .. contact us to discuss your Promo Video.

Get a television advert style video (30 seconds to 1 minute long) where you can promote your product, service or an upcoming event like weddings, social events or birthdays and send it via whatsapp, Facebook and other platforms.

We are stepping out of the “new normal” by swanking up your marketing to reach your audience in a new and exciting way.

How cool is this?

How cool is this!

We also place them on YouTube so you can market it directly without the end user having to download the video to watch …

Perfect for WhatsApp marketing … its new and fresh
We have an added value service for you to promote your product, service or if you want to send out invitations in a funky way. Introducing Short Promotional Videos that can be sent via WhatsApp or other platforms.
Instead of boring flyers … swank up your marketing to a promotional video ….

Promotional Videos

  • Size. can be from 1mb to 30mb .. dependent on information. We generally want to keep it around 30 seconds but can go to a couple of minutes … if it is too long, people get bored. If it is too big, then people wont download.
  • Pricing: Only R550 once off.
  • Terms: The price offered is “for within reason” .. if it becomes too long and lots of work, we will hold the rights to request an increase in price and we hold the rights to refuse work.

Contact us for your promotional video and market in a more funkier way ….